Land for sale – Secret Harbour

One of the last remaining development sites within Secret Harbour, Hamelin Park represents amazing value. As part of an established community, Hamelin Park is close to schools, shops, cafes, health services, parks and a service station.

The estate was carefully designed in close partnership with some of WA’s leading home builders. This ensured an efficient and sustainable subdivision layout with a choice of attractive lots suitable for a variety of homes sizes.

The solar orientation for each lot is specifically maximised to provide a mix of 12.5m to 15m frontages to incorporate affordable 4×2 home packages.

Stage 1 is sold out, Stage 2 is over 70% sold and due to the success of those stages, we have just released lots in Stage 3. There’s a great choice of residential lots, with a mix of sizes available to suit many different designs. Construction is completed across all 3 Stages so you can visit the estate to see the lots for yourself.


34Mandalay Bend 51015.09SOLD
37Mandalay Bend39410.56$199,000
38Mandalay Bend 54514.94$231,000
Plus Jetski
39Mandalay Bend49212.58$205,000
40Mandalay Bend43712.58$204,000
41Mandalay Bend42712.58$203,000
42Mandalay Bend41712.58$202,000
43Mandalay Bend40713.38$203,500
44Surf Drive40513.3$196,500
45Surf Drive41512.5$195,000
46Surf Drive42512.5HOLD
47Surf Drive43512.5$197,000
48Surf Drive49112.5$200,000
49Surf Drive53114.85$200,000
50Surf Drive39310.5$205,000
51Surf Drive47812.5$210,000
52Cathedral Approach42417.37$195,000

Stage TWO

20Mandalay Bend45815.16SOLD
22Cathedral Approach36012.5SOLD
24Cathedral Approach41815.4SOLD
25Tarcoola Way44115$219,000
30Cathedral Approach36012.5HOLD
31Cathedral Approach36012.5SOLD
32Cathedral Approach36012.5SOLD
53Cathedral Approach41715$209,000
54Cathedral Approach41715$209,000
55Cathedral Approach37513.5$199,000